logic and goegia muscle mafia made mix

no matter if i slit a throught with the edge of my knife

guilt never eats at me like a parasite

so pass me the light

and we gona blaze it up like i need it to survive

the stars are my nation but the world is forever mine

like my crimes are ahead of your mind

im always one step ahead like you still on life

but i upgraded to heaven

only seven minutes earlier this paper was blank

seven minutes later im famous

jus chillen hearing the world calling my name

I’m mafia made self paid gettin that cake it’s great I bake I wake I shake like a earth Quake I mix it up and then I take it and yes ima make it writin all these crazy raps just like dance class I “clack and then I tat it tap” I’m a beast in a freakin rap all of yall dudes is nothin but freakin crap T.G. is all I claim it’s logic, Claudia, and Me and takin the rap game Bow!

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