logic heaven

if heaven was a mile away

would you waste a day

would your thoughts turn to the souls you slayed

wit the deals you made

in the streets

how many crack feens fed from your hand

was that all part of gods plan

look into my eyes reverend

tell me why do i have to die to go to heaven

i remember when i was eleven

got caught in a drive bye

bullets flew only an inches shy

coming home watching my family cry

so young but already stared into a barrel of gun

my uncle told me

 son, life is a pool of sin

corrupted with foolish men

and women with wicked minds

that build pick it signs

to legalize abortion

“brave” men that charge the color with extortion

but i opened bibles

instead of hoping on revivals

for years religion did nothing but divide

but now that i opened up my eyes

i finally realize

the truth instead of hearing all the lies

but who knows

in these days of darkness

R.I.P to my brother martin

3 thoughts on “logic heaven

  1. Well-known scientist Stephen Hawking firmly states in a recent interview that there’s no Heaven, and while I’m partly in agreement with him I remember also the words of Sir John Milton; “The mind is its own place, and of itself may make a Hell of Heaven, or a Heaven of Hell”. Hawking himself could be described as a living example of the philosophy of life’s being what you make it so it’s a strangely negative statement coming from him. Perhaps death will be what we make it as well. Which of us can say? 🙂

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