logic the message

turn the t.v off i don’t wana hear that

I’m tired of hearing the media say that

anorexic is beauty

Bulimia is truly the way to go

get a young girl

and Scarface her mind

make her starve herself till she die

but all i do is stand here and cops call it a crime

since i walked across an imaginary line

they don’t like when my music and reality intertwine

my mind is what is what you get

when my life and my thoughts combine

the natural feelings of a child is to be calm and kind

then they show you ads for the marines

and they decide its time

and the news say cops are on the block for people

ima put it simple and plain

cops is evil

take the show cops for example

that’s what they want America to watch and sample

never showing you how dirty that they really is

how they hide behind they badge

how they really jus a clique

how they plant all the evidence

this is what the message is

11 thoughts on “logic the message

  1. Once again you blew me away! I loved it:D
    What makes you decide to wright about these topics? Do they just come to you or is something happening in your life that leads you to writing this. Whatever it is, KEEP IT UP! Because your really good at making raps. I like how you tied in real life tragedies into it.

  2. Wow, this is good. Ha, knowing you its funny how deep you can get with this stuff. But keep it up!

  3. Woah, this was beast . I really liked how you were not afraid to tell your view on cops. “How they hide behind the badge” I think that was really good, keep it up!

  4. Love it! All your post are good but this ones my favorite. 🙂 Keep it up.

  5. This was real creative of you, I haven’t read a post of a guys point of view of what the media is doing to young girls, Good job!

  6. I HATE THAT YOU ARE STILL CREATIVE!!! lol good blog thou. I still can’t write stuff like this.

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