logic the solution (song)

They say the odds against me are crooked and impossible

like I was born with a hole in my heart as an obstacle

or left to die by the doctors in the children’s hospital

but I never lose hope success is physic logical

the world is hostile and the street is my education

I look at the the Earth and say this my creation

I look at the stars and say this is my nation

It’s funny how on the block people will kill you for cash

but never raise the gun to cry out freedom at last

 cuz they mind is narrower  then the righteous path

my heart frozen but some how still getting colder

Atlas walking through the projects with  the hood on my shoulders

I would like to raise my children to grow to be soldiers

but then a general would decide when they life will be over

my music is a universal language

like the sound of bullets emptying and reloading

people tell me love is forever

but I tell em love doesn’t need a complicated metaphor

and sometimes nothing needs to be said at all

 sometimes the person you wit is not your one and only

and you mess wit them cuz you afraid to be lonely

But then again to find the true answer you have to look within your self

cuz the mind of a child is were the revolution begins

so if the solution has never been to look in yourself

how do expect to find it anywhere else

immortal technique

22 thoughts on “logic the solution (song)

  1. Awh Teddy Bear It’s really qood.
    I like the “I look at the the Earth and say this my creation I look at the stars and say this is my nation” part
    Your writtinqs really qood
    Keep up the qood work 🙂 !

  2. Haha, i LOVED it. I think this can relate to alot of people. I like how you tied your other blog post into this one. I think you should continue doing raps, your really good at it. Great Job! 😀


  4. This is really cool, I think my favorite line is “My music is a universal language” Great job.

  5. I think this is very creative. You really put alot of thought into it. I liked it alot.

  6. Dang! This was really good. (: Great job. Do you want to be a rapper when you grow up? Because im pretty sure you can make it. [:

  7. Dude, this is the best thing I’ve read all day. Did you actually write this? If you did I have an awesome idea, If It’s cool with you, I’d like to play this for someone I know that might buy these lyrics from you. You could make some easy cash.

  8. That was really great. Your really good at this kind of thing it sounded like a real song.

  9. Wow!
    You did a great job! You have mastered the ability to make a reader see a picture in thier head. I was actually visualizing everything you were saying. Hey, When are you going to write a sequel to your story I can wait to see the ending.


  10. wow !!!!
    i think you did an amazing job with this!
    keep up the good work your an amazing writer,
    hey maybe one day you can make it big (:

  11. Nice job. I wish I could come up with something likethis but I’m just not creative enough.

  12. Teddybear , its real good ; i was there when you made it .! lolss (: creativee, you should make more like it .

  13. this is a very good poem! great job Cristian, this tells so much within a small poem. i really liked it and it shows what kind of things are happening to individuals that are going through some struggle.

  14. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, and I think this is the best thing you’ve written. Awesome that you’ve got so many comments on it, too!

  15. Ha ha, that last comment was me but my name is not 4iamnotabot; that’s just the spam code or whatever. Oops. Anyway, keep up the blogging!

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