Gang life

“Slow down I can’t run anymore!” We’ve been running from the border patrol for days now. we just came back from Mexico with 70 kilos of powder ( cocaine). We are about an hour away from the truck that’s going to pick up me and my brothers.

Me , Brium , Alexis, Juan have all been doing this for about 2 years now, we all are 15 years old, going back and forth across the Mexican border bringing in tons of powder and weed (marijuana) to the United States. ” We can’t we have to keep moving.” Brium said. My knees felt weak and my feet were throbbing with pain but I knew he was right, we couldn’t stop now. In the distance we hear the screams of a helicopter and we see it scrabbling across the sky like a lost fly. I paninic and I feel like any second I’m going to collapse but the helicopter only makes us move faster as we duck through the trees, we move swiftly but we try to keep within the shadows. I know my lungs can’t take much more, every step I take I become weaker. I struggle to keep up we are almost there and the helicopter has lost us we are safe again for now.

We make it to the truck and find Bj and Benney waiting for us. They are happy to see us with the drugs and that no one is chasing us. We jump in the back of the truck, inside I see guns every were hanging from the walls. There are nines (nine millimeter handgun), machetes, AK 47’s, assault riffles, and shotguns. It takes my breath away to see how far we have  came in the two years we have been doing this. We know if we do not bring in the money for the drugs we will be hunted down by our gangs so we take every precaution possible to stay alive and keep the drugs in a safe place.This is a risky business but we get over $100,000 each time we move across the border.

We are headed into Dallas, Texas to drop the drugs off and get the money. We make all the stops successful and I’m still a little bit shaken from the helicopter but I am calmed now. ” Now we have to make one more stop.” Bj said, as he takes a nine out and sets on his lap. We all know the drill,  I take a AK 47, Brium takes a shotgun, Alexis takes a machete, Juan also picks up a machete, and Benney picks up an assault riffle.

“Whats the problem?” Brium said. ” Someone doesn’t want to pay rent.” Bj said. We make all the businesses pay rent to live on our block, they pay us protection money. If someone doesn’t pay then we attack the business violently and take everything they have.

We stop in front of a liquor store. We get out of the car and step onto the pavement. We calmly walk into the liquor store, we are use to doing these types of violent acts so it doesn’t bother me as much as it use to.

We walk into the dimly lit store with out hands on our weapons hidden in our jacket pockets with our finger on the trigger. When we come in the store we see a dark skin man with short black hair. We know this man, he is an enemy of our gang . We attack him violently, showing him no mercy as we pistol whip him and smash his face into the wall. We break his nose and blood is all over his face. “Please stop !” He yells. I take him by his shirt, pulling him towards the safe. I can see his hands are shaking and I can tell he is stuggling  to open the safe.


“I don’t remember the combination.” He said. I see fear in his eyes as he looks back at us and sees our guns drawn ready to fire at point blank range at his head. I put the barrel of the gun touching the back of his head. He understands knows whats at stake if he doesn’t get the safe open. He stops for a minute he looks like he is thinking , I see veins on the back of his neck and on his for head. The keeps steady and turns the lock on the safe.Finally the safe opens, we take everything that’s in there ( $1,000). We all hear the sounds of sirens.

I hit him once in the stomach with the end of the AK 47. He bends down in pain and Benny hits him in the jaw with the end of his assault riffle. He falls down and Alexis and Juan step on his arms and he is unable to move. I stand in front of him , holding my gun steady. I am calm, no adrenalin, no blood rushing through my veins, only thoughts of power. He pleads with me. “Please don’t do this.” He whispers as he looses more and more blood every second. I put the barrel of my gun to his chest. I pull the trigger and the sound of bullets echo through the room. My ears ring as the sound hits them. Blood covers his body like a blanket and he is silent. He is dead…





to be continued

16 thoughts on “Gang life

  1. Wow….I started reading this piece and I couldn’t stop. To be honest, I didn’t want it to end either! You do a really nice job of telling this story from the perspective of a narrator who can both paint a picture of what’s going on and move the story forward….that’s tough to do! And the end….ahhhh! I’m left with this awful image, and I just want to know what’s going to happen next. Really nice work, here!

  2. :O This was so awesome i thought maybe they wouldnt kill him but they did and thats what made it so great jagged turnsand never knowing whats gunna happen next!

  3. dude that was a awesome story…. I couldnt stop reading this …p.s you spelled my name wrong ..brayam

  4. Wow! Thats all i can say, cristian that was really good. I really didnt want it to end. I think you should continue writing about this topic because it seems really interesting. Even though this was long I didnt wanna stop reading it. You have quite an imagination i must say. I love how you put all of those details into it. GREAT JOBB(:


  5. Wow ! dis really great i cant wait till yhu wriight more it was really good i liked it but it wass kinda sad doe how yhu killed that little man should not have done that but it okayee anyways good story.. 🙁

  6. Ayy bra u spelld my name rong but itz kool lol thankz 4 letin me b part of da story mane i like dis 1

  7. Your Blog is really good:) I liked how you put the picture of the drug because it gave us a good snapshot about your blog. It was long but GREAT! Great details.


  8. This is sooo Good 🙂 , I liked it .
    Are you going to put part 2 on your blog ?
    You should , cause when I read your written paper in your notebook , you had lots of good idea’s
    Keep up the good work 😀


  9. This story is realy good you should write a second story about this like how i did.

    -juan martinez

  10. wow dude this is a very good story,haha and yeah you spelled(brayams)name wrong,but everything was cool,i enjoyed reading your blog,and you really should do a 2nd part to this one.

  11. WOW…..When i started it i didn’t want it to finish, and when it did I couldn’t wait for the next one. When is the next one coming out

  12. This is really good bby yuh should really post that new one i wanna read more bc when i read this it felt like i was there i could picture the whole thing in my head(: well luv yuh<3

  13. This is really good babe you really needa post that second one if you still have it bc when i was reading this i couldnt stop it felt like i was there with you the whole time i could picture everything in my head it was so cool but you did really good on this well luv yuh(:<3

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