The bugatti veyron 16.4 car is here. This car is the fastest car in the world with the average speed of this car being 408  km/h a hour. It is a 16 cylinder car. It is also has a seven gear clutch with 1,001 horse power. It is also a four wheel drive and is has pefect acceleration the bugatti veyron 16.4 can go beyond 400 km/h in less than one minute.

This car is also was developed with three modes. The first mode is the standard mode goes as fast as 220 km/h. The next mode is known as the handling mode. In this mode the car can go 330 km/h an hour. The last and fastest mode is known as the speed mode witch can go 375 km/km/h

Here are some websites you can go to if you are intrested in this car.

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